Once in a while, we pause from reporting on the logo designs in the news, and crow about one of the designs we at BusinessLogos have done for an interesting client.  In this case a permanent cosmetic salon logo we recently designed.  They came to us with the name “Forever Flawless” and a request for an icon that is made up of two “F”s which also form an infinity sign.

After seeing how this looked on paper, they decided to lay off of the “F”s and go with a wispy, hand drawn feather that curves to form an infinity sign.

logo-design-process-client-exampleThe client came back with requests to refine the feather, and begin to match up typefaces that compliment it.  In the following graphic we can see the revisions to the feather, and finally the finished design!

logo-design-process-tofinal… But we did not stop there.  Flawless Forever then decided to let us design their stationery.  We do four to five versions of each item, and then let the client finalize, revise, mix and match with those for a final product that is just so for them, which you can see here:

stationery-example-designTo clean up, or develop a new image for your business, give us a visit!





Celtics New Logo

Boston Celtics Alternate Logo Design


The Boston Celtics are releasing an alternate logo, to be used on certain Adidas merchandise and also available for team owners, as reported by CBS Sports.  We so often see over-embellished logo designs in terms of color and effects like gradients, glosses and special colors or inks.  While we do not discourage the use of anything that makes a logo design look great; we can use this logo design to illustrate how a solid, confident, and professional one color logo design can often be superior.

One color logos read at a glance, and, if done strongly, leave a lasting impression in the customer’s mind.  The big thing portrayed by a company or business who uses a one color logo is confidence, and global reach.  It can be noted that CBS Sports’ logo is also one color, as is McDonald’s and many others.  One color says the business is established, immune to trend and here to stay.  As far as a classic franchise that is not going anywhere, well – the Boston Celtics are right up there and we applaud them for being retro-bold enough to go ahead with a beautiful one color logo design, even if it is an alternate.

One last thing we might add is the logo is almost an illustrated logo design, yet remains one color.  It portrays a full Leprechaun holding a basketball, with a pipe in his mouth.  Due to the iconic familiarity of the Celtic Leprechaun, we can almost see the shock or red hair and his Irish smirk.  Well played, Celtics; the fans in our office will be shopping for this logo when it arrives on the Adidas gear.


Custom Logo design for Rock Canyon Preservation Alliance done by BusinessLogos

Our most recent logo design client, Rock Canyon Preservation Alliance.

Sometimes aside from the usual helping out small business owners and entrepreneurs who need custom, professional logo design, we get the opportunity to serve a local organization dedicated to the preservation of our beautiful and famous public land.  Rock Canyon; near Provo, Utah has successfully fought off resort access road, mining, and condominium development for decades.  As time passes; the pressures always mount back up to develop this natural wonder due to it’s proximity to major metropolitan areas in Utah.

Shown below are the six logo design concepts that Rock Canyon Preservation Alliance received in three business days after making their order to review.  In this case they picked the first concept, with no changes.  We really like that of course, and it also preserves the original intention of the artist with no dilution.

Group of logo design concepts for Rock Canyon Preservation Society

Logo design concepts received by Rock Canyon Preservation Alliance.

Upon receiving their initial logo design concepts, Rock Canyon Preservation Alliance has this to say:

“”These concepts are drop-dead wonderful!  I’m totally AMAZED!!!  A big thanks to Paul . . . and Tim!

We will blast it to the 18 members of the steering committee for a vote.  I know that the top one is my favorite, but we’ll get input.  “
Ginger Woolley
Rock Canyon Preservation Alliance

If it were not for grassroots local defense of Rock Canyon, it’s beautiful vistas would have been given over to longtime outside interests long ago.  Due to the unyielding efforts of local citizens, this dramatically framed sheer canyon mouth remains pristine, and open to the native flora, fauna and provides the nearby urban public with much needed space for recreation in a beautiful outdoor environment.

We have been honored to design this awesome custom logo, and to get further details of the organization’s activities check them out here:  …to get your own business or organization looking unstoppable go here.



Logo design for 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

With the truly historic 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France – we noticed that the logo designed for the event is a real winner.  As we know, this day was the high water mark in the fight for freedom and democracy and the world would look much different today if the landing had not occurred.

Often military related logos are too official looking or clumsy, but not this one.  This logo portrays the flying eagle, symbolizing the more peaceful world which the future now holds; and the reversed out “70” in the eagle is a great way to incorporate the graphic and text.

The eagle, while an American national symbol feels smooth, positive and more inclusive to incorporate the alliance of nations that all participated in the early morning assault on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944.  Here; the eagle is an icon for the soaring idea of liberty and freedom for which so many lives were sacrificed.

The logo design works in one color, or could be reversed if needed.  It uses timeless, clearly readable fonts and has not even a hint of trend, 3-D graphics, special effects or gradients.  It could be embroidered easily, and read at a small size – the final tests of a great logo design.  Just a well spaced, contemplative design that looks to the past and to the future of possibility as well.

Our hats are off to our veterans, and to the designers of this timeless and worthy logo design.

When designing your own logo for your business or event, be sure it’s custom, and done by the professionals.  If all the considerations mentioned in the above are not considered from the get go; much time and money can be wasted down the road and even worse, the brand recognition could be interrupted by an early change in look and feel of the logo and marketing collateral.  Trust the experts to get you a custom logo design that works.


Garamond font example

Garamond is cheaper to print than other fonts.

A clever high school student has figured out a way for any organization to save big money on printer ink, which is quite expensive these days.  Suvir Mirchandani, a 14 year old boy from Pittsburgh, PA figured out that the most common letters printed are r, a, e, o and t, and the font with the least print area for these letters is Garamond.

CNN originally reported this young man’s discovery, and while it might seem trivial, in this age of cost cutting at any corner possible, he is onto one more thing to free up needed capital in the information age.

In the world of typefaces and fonts, design and utility go hand in hand in far more ways than this one.  Talk to the professionals at and make sure your logo design is going to be cost effective to print, embroider, and reproduce at all sizes.