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The SEC “Logo Tournament,” is on now!

We are not the only logo design freaks out there, it seems!  SportzEdge is hosting a new SEC tournament, going on right now – where you can vote for your favorite SEC team logo!  You are supposed to vote for your favorite team logo design, not your favorite team; although we realize for many hard core fans, the two will be inseparable!

We could go on and on about the logo designs themselves, but we don’t want to sway the voting! We want to see the real raw results on this.  These basketball team logo designs remind us of what makes successful logos, even if they are not super fancy or technical.  Most of them are, first and foremost, quickly readable and clear at a distance.  It reminds us of an art director we had that would reduce the logo design to the size of his thumb, then bounce it up and down ever so slightly to see if it was legible small and at a glance.

We dare say most of these logo designs pass the thumb-wiggle test, as we will call it.  It may seem strange, but in reality, small and slightly wobbling is how sports team logo designs are generally perceived.  This concept also applies to potential business customers glancing at a logo from the car while driving, or briefly scanning the front pages of publications and signs while exiting a store for example.  No matter how fancy and awesome a logo design is, it will not do the company or business  a lot of good unless it can be legibly read at a high speed.  Visit us when you need the proper logo design parameters considered from the get go.

Sometimes we have clients that want illustrations of fictional creatures, from an actual beancounter to a snowboarding yeti. We love those sorts of projects. Here’s a small sampling of what our designers have come up with.