logo design for the new pizza hutWe have to say “Bravo” to Pizza Hut and Yum Brands, for the execution of the new logo since we love one color designs.  The big branding firms know that one color is bold, confident and effective for a logo design.  Business owners are often tempted to make the newest, and trendiest looking logo for their company but a one color will stand the test of time and save a ton of money over the years on reproduction costs.  A one color logo cannot lean on computer dated computer effects or a trend, but must be designed with real skill and forethought, inspired by the swirl of tomato sauce on a fresh circle of dough.  A final advantage of a one color logo is that potential customers register the name and image faster; which is important in these days of shorter attention spans and hectic schedules.  For more on the new Pizza Hut logo, check out Businessweek.

the tech logo for cornellCornell Tech also got a big new logo with some interesting attributes.  It was designed in a square, to fit into all the square icons and profiles now found on the web, and as well, at a large size the logo is made of many separate lines which will allow the department to superimpose the logo on all sorts of imagery for an awesome watermark like effect.  We have to take out hats off to a great logo design that is so optimized for both very small and very huge sizes.  Great foresight and planning!

Cheboygan Chiefs logoLast but not least, the Cheboygan Area Schools dodged the entire native American debate that has played out with logos of late by ditching their old depiction of the profile of a native Chief. The revamped brand features just the headdress adorning the “C” in a classic block letter.  For logo design with clear, bold vision, visit us at



Apparently, the famous Sriracha rooster logo is done by an unknown Vietnamese street artist in the 1970’s before the owner of the company immigrated to the United States.  Read the full history of the Sririacha logo design at Gizmodo here.

Nike Swoosh Logo

This is reminiscent of the student artist who created the original Nike logo swoosh symbol and received $35 dollars for her efforts.  Few people know that artist was eventually found again by the CEO of Nike and given a gold and diamond ring as well as a large and undisclosed amount of money in the form of company stocks at a later date, once the start up shoemaker had made it big.

Turkey-State-of-Logo-designTurkey itself has also come up with a new logo design… at the cost of many months and many thousandth of dollars.  As the Turkish News Hurriet Daily reports, this logo being used a small size will be a BIG problem!  It is instances like these where we here at BusinessLogos are incredulous, as they spent lots of money and time on the design, as the article makes a point to mention. Readability and ease of use at a small size as well as large is one of the few sacred considerations that a real, experienced logo designer will consider when designing a logo.

One color logo deisgns of top companies businessesYou heard right – 95%!  One color portrays the confidence of an established company and has a very professional look, rather than trying too hard with computer effects and trendy colors combinations that will inevitably become dated.  A logo creator must have true skill to produce a likeable one or two color logo, rather than lean on multiple colors and computer effects.

According to the folks at TechCrunch, some factors with top brand logo designs are:

We hope this will give you as a business owner, brand manager, or entrepreneur an edge when getting your existing logo designed, or coming up with a totally new one for your next venture.  The old adage “Less is More” certainly applies in the creation of logo designs!

We would add one caveat of course: that the logo design still has to be awesome.

The article also goes on to say – HIRE A PROFESSIONAL LOGO DESIGNER, rather than a lame contest company or using a friend, neighbor or student you know, because this is most likely your very livelihood we are talking about. This shouldn’t be done as a side job, or something you want to skimp on.

stereotypical logo designs

The “arch” logo design

Many times, a client will see a logo and ask that we design one exactly like it for them. We try to steer our clients towards original, fresh design, so this will be our first warning sign about a potentially problematic client. It works out best when clients give us design inspiration (rather than a template to copy exactly) because we can get a sense of their design taste, and get them a logo they love sooner. Exact imitation is not design, it’s photocopying.

Other times, a designer will simply change the name or initials and work the same idea into the next design concept. It’s easy to keep 5-10 design layout templates, and just switch out the name. It happens when the designer has to shovel out as much work in a short time as possible in order to make his time profitable. This is unfortunate, and it happens more at the contest driven, lowly paid logo design sites that have no art direction.  These sites are easy to spot, as they offer way too many logo concepts for a ridiculously low price, as opposed to professional logo design houses, who do their research and ensure the originality of the design.

Anyhow, someone finally compiled a huge info graphic showing the many overused logo design concepts floating around out there.  You can use this handy guide to steer you away from the overused and over-rated.  Trust the durability of your custom business logo design to the professionals.  We sure would not want to be any of these companies, and then find out several other businesses use the same logo concept.

We can tell you as logo designers we have seen them all, and logo designs like them many times over the years. We will always steer our clients to a more original path, no matter what their instructions are.

This is because we don’t want our work to end up on sites like these.

We are proud of our work and our designers.  We offer a free new logo design if your logo is found to be too similar to anything out there, as part of our satisfaction guarantee. We also part ways with designers that plagiarize or otherwise who that their hearts are just not into  producing quality, original design.


Celtics New Logo

Boston Celtics Alternate Logo Design


The Boston Celtics are releasing an alternate logo, to be used on certain Adidas merchandise and also available for team owners, as reported by CBS Sports.  We so often see over-embellished logo designs in terms of color and effects like gradients, glosses and special colors or inks.  While we do not discourage the use of anything that makes a logo design look great; we can use this logo design to illustrate how a solid, confident, and professional one color logo design can often be superior.

One color logos read at a glance, and, if done strongly, leave a lasting impression in the customer’s mind.  The big thing portrayed by a company or business who uses a one color logo is confidence, and global reach.  It can be noted that CBS Sports’ logo is also one color, as is McDonald’s and many others.  One color says the business is established, immune to trend and here to stay.  As far as a classic franchise that is not going anywhere, well – the Boston Celtics are right up there and we applaud them for being retro-bold enough to go ahead with a beautiful one color logo design, even if it is an alternate.

One last thing we might add is the logo is almost an illustrated logo design, yet remains one color.  It portrays a full Leprechaun holding a basketball, with a pipe in his mouth.  Due to the iconic familiarity of the Celtic Leprechaun, we can almost see the shock or red hair and his Irish smirk.  Well played, Celtics; the fans in our office will be shopping for this logo when it arrives on the Adidas gear.