Business owners – Did you know 95% of top brand logos use only one or two colors?

One color logo deisgns of top companies businessesYou heard right – 95%!  One color portrays the confidence of an established company and has a very professional look, rather than trying too hard with computer effects and trendy colors combinations that will inevitably become dated.  A logo creator must have true skill to produce a likeable one or two color logo, rather than lean on multiple colors and computer effects.

According to the folks at TechCrunch, some factors with top brand logo designs are:

  • They are modest/simple
  • Generally horizontal in aspect
  • Almost HALF use only TYPE

We hope this will give you as a business owner, brand manager, or entrepreneur an edge when getting your existing logo designed, or coming up with a totally new one for your next venture.  The old adage “Less is More” certainly applies in the creation of logo designs!

We would add one caveat of course: that the logo design still has to be awesome.

The article also goes on to say – HIRE A PROFESSIONAL LOGO DESIGNER, rather than a lame contest company or using a friend, neighbor or student you know, because this is most likely your very livelihood we are talking about. This shouldn’t be done as a side job, or something you want to skimp on.

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