Seattle Seahawks, Rolling Stones and Southwest! Logos in the News for week of Sept 15th, 2014


A few events happened last week in the world of logo design from the history of the famed Seattle Seahawks logo being revealed, to the Southwest Airlines logo update, and finally the artist that originally created the Rolling Stone’s super famous and iconic logo design wants his proper due.  It seems the original Native American totem mask that served as the inspiration for the Seahawks logo is making the rounds and visiting Seattle soon from the Hudson Museum in Maine.  To read more about the journey of the mask/logo click here.


A recent history of the Seahawks logo design.

Ever controversial, as with most things related to rock and roll and the Rolling Stones; the design of the Rolling Stones logo is now disputed. The famous story of the logo’s creation is now disputed by artist Sid Maurer, who claims he spawned the logo and not Mick Jagger.  More details about the journey of the ownership of this iconic logo here.

logo-design-rolling-stones-controversyFinally, Southwest Airlines unveiled its updated logo design last week which will now festoon its fleet of planes.  It is a version of their old heart logo, but updated to a more simple and clean look. We do like how they are painting them directly on the underside of the plane (as well as the sides) so it’s viewable as the planes take off and land.  Check out the details, and to see the new planes’ paint jobs compared to the old, click here.

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