Dirty Bird Logo Gets Stiff Opposition

Logo-design-for-Dirty-birds-Chicken-London-England-UKHere is an interesting logo for Dirty Bird Fried Chicken. Both the owner and the designer claim they did not realize that the design was, well..”Dirty”, until other people pointed it out.  They claim the logo design is simply a combination of the lowercase d and b, combined to form, “…a cockerel.”

We think that this is a great example of the saying that “any press is good press at all.”  By pulling this logo out, the UK based fried chicken eatery became a worldwide name overnight, and will benefit from the name recognition and curiosity for years down the road.  A great example on how a logo design PR stunt can help grow your business.

What do YOU think? Is the logo is too much?  You can find out more about it, and vote for its perceived dirtiness, here at The Mirror UK. If you need a wild or crazy logo for your company, or just a solid professional design, visit us and browse our logo design work.

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