Attack of the Blue Square Logos – Logo Design Trends

We must notice that many logo designs these days are being designed around the square, and the app icon square. With boxed in design; edge placement will always play a role as we can see in all of these – the logo design is placed at or near an edge creating a visual draw.  This is a formal composition technique as old as painting itself. Lighter blues are a good choice for this business cycle as they are professional and not too saturated as to be overbearing. Simple, clear professionalism is implied with a light blue – a feeling that goes back many decades in design to the feeling of blueprints, non-photo blues and a general corporate look. Our modern blue logo designs here are all seeking something; a unique feel from a lighter more ethereal tone of blue than we have seen from corporations in the past. This blue highlights high technology and efficiency and almost has a “green” or progressive feeling as in the Mercedes “BluTec” brand of clean diesel technology, and Hyundai’s “Blue-Drive” technology.  Bring on the blue.

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