Remember the biggest mall in America? It’s already old enough for a logo redesign.  The colors are modern and include the overlapping transparent areas that are all the rage now; popularized by the Pentagram redesign of the City of Melbourne logo, and the faceted 2012 Olympic illustrations by Charis Tsevis.  At first glance we were worried that the name “Mall of America” would be unreadable at a small size, but they use only the name on the stripe in these cases.

Here we see the old logo:

It looks nice, but it has a late 1990’s feel.  It is also very patriotic with an almost military looking star which in this case begs for a little more sophistication.  We wonder how long until the new logo will look “so 2010’s”?  We will venture to say the new one will last a little longer, since it is more modern, sophisticated and adaptable.