Cover the top Pandora Logo only…then cover the bottom one…you are correct – the top is the Pandora logo as it exists in the corporate style guide ….. and the bottom one is the Pandora logo after we got our hands on it and spaced it correctly! In the style guide all sorts of specs are given – but oddly custom kerning, a foundation of logo design – letter spacing… is totally neglected. We even tested the font, and yes – that is EXACTLY as the computer types it out, no customization whatsoever!

Aside from basic letter spacing…HOW DID WE MAGICALLY GET THOSE “A”s CLOSER? We shortened the bottom serif by a point or two and brought them in closer! Basic letter spacing still cannot be perfectly extrapolated for the HUMAN EYE. It is things like this that free logo design, cheap logo design and contest logo design will never have the time for, but trust us your business logo is worth it.