The first Nokia building was near a salmon stream.


It is always interesting to see the evolution of well known companies logo designs over time and market conditions.  Take a look here at Business Insider for a look at great historical logo examples for Nokia, IBM, and other well known companies in the tech industry.  If your company needs a great first logo design, or the current logo needs improvement go to BusinessLogos Inc.

Austin Texas New Logo DesignDang, we really like the the 175th anniversary logo for the City of Austin Texas.  This logo is real nice, real clean and the negative space is mastered – which one rarely sees in a logo design.

logo design for the new pizza hutWe have to say “Bravo” to Pizza Hut and Yum Brands, for the execution of the new logo since we love one color designs.  The big branding firms know that one color is bold, confident and effective for a logo design.  Business owners are often tempted to make the newest, and trendiest looking logo for their company but a one color will stand the test of time and save a ton of money over the years on reproduction costs.  A one color logo cannot lean on computer dated computer effects or a trend, but must be designed with real skill and forethought, inspired by the swirl of tomato sauce on a fresh circle of dough.  A final advantage of a one color logo is that potential customers register the name and image faster; which is important in these days of shorter attention spans and hectic schedules.  For more on the new Pizza Hut logo, check out Businessweek.

the tech logo for cornellCornell Tech also got a big new logo with some interesting attributes.  It was designed in a square, to fit into all the square icons and profiles now found on the web, and as well, at a large size the logo is made of many separate lines which will allow the department to superimpose the logo on all sorts of imagery for an awesome watermark like effect.  We have to take out hats off to a great logo design that is so optimized for both very small and very huge sizes.  Great foresight and planning!

Cheboygan Chiefs logoLast but not least, the Cheboygan Area Schools dodged the entire native American debate that has played out with logos of late by ditching their old depiction of the profile of a native Chief. The revamped brand features just the headdress adorning the “C” in a classic block letter.  For logo design with clear, bold vision, visit us at



Sun Broadcast Group’s new logo design.

In the news this week, Sun Broadcast Group released their new logo design.  Never heard of Sun Broadcast Group?  Neither had we – but we are impressed with their new logo design.  What we like about it is it’s cleanliness, and that the icon can be used as a stand alone if needed (at the bottom corner of the TV screen, for example).


2015 Preakness Logo Design.

In other semi-obscure logo news the 2015 Preakness logo design has been revealed.  For those who do not know what it is, it is the “140th running of the middle jewel of horse racing’s Triple Crown.”  While we have seen this style of horse many times before and wish there was more originality to the logo, overall, it looks nice. The three views give the sense of motion around the oval track, as if you were there at the races.

logo design insignia of the Donbass batallion in Ukraine

“Donbass Battalion” Insignia.

The final logo design we take a look at is the insignia of Ukraine’s all volunteer “Donbass” Battalion.  While we distance ourselves politically from this semi-obscure conflict, we do enjoy the dramatic rendition of a diving falcon.  The design is made of flat color, made to be embroidered – and the haunting depiction of the descending bird of prey is appropriate for an aggressive and motivated group of soldiers.  Certainly good for morale.

If any designers out there feel they’d like their work critiqued by a team of experienced experts, go ahead and send it to us at

team logos basketball college

The SEC “Logo Tournament,” is on now!

We are not the only logo design freaks out there, it seems!  SportzEdge is hosting a new SEC tournament, going on right now – where you can vote for your favorite SEC team logo!  You are supposed to vote for your favorite team logo design, not your favorite team; although we realize for many hard core fans, the two will be inseparable!

We could go on and on about the logo designs themselves, but we don’t want to sway the voting! We want to see the real raw results on this.  These basketball team logo designs remind us of what makes successful logos, even if they are not super fancy or technical.  Most of them are, first and foremost, quickly readable and clear at a distance.  It reminds us of an art director we had that would reduce the logo design to the size of his thumb, then bounce it up and down ever so slightly to see if it was legible small and at a glance.

We dare say most of these logo designs pass the thumb-wiggle test, as we will call it.  It may seem strange, but in reality, small and slightly wobbling is how sports team logo designs are generally perceived.  This concept also applies to potential business customers glancing at a logo from the car while driving, or briefly scanning the front pages of publications and signs while exiting a store for example.  No matter how fancy and awesome a logo design is, it will not do the company or business  a lot of good unless it can be legibly read at a high speed.  Visit us when you need the proper logo design parameters considered from the get go.