Garamond font example

Garamond is cheaper to print than other fonts.

A clever high school student has figured out a way for any organization to save big money on printer ink, which is quite expensive these days.  Suvir Mirchandani, a 14 year old boy from Pittsburgh, PA figured out that the most common letters printed are r, a, e, o and t, and the font with the least print area for these letters is Garamond.

CNN originally reported this young man’s discovery, and while it might seem trivial, in this age of cost cutting at any corner possible, he is onto one more thing to free up needed capital in the information age.

In the world of typefaces and fonts, design and utility go hand in hand in far more ways than this one.  Talk to the professionals at and make sure your logo design is going to be cost effective to print, embroider, and reproduce at all sizes.