With BG Brazilian Truffles, the tagline was tuned up.  The tagline came to us unkerned, and in the same font as the main letters in the logo – which have cutouts on the body of the letters to form a faceted look.  At this small size those facets blur out and make the tagline look as if it is a halftone.  The tagline was also not evenly spaced.  We were able to give the spacing some zing while using a font that allowed a little more space in between letters.  This makes small letters – such as in a tagline – readable at a small presentation size like on a business card, or website header rather than visually muddling together.  The larger dots in the border on the second version will also read better at a small size.  A logo should be durable at many sizes, and resolutions.

This is the attention to detail you get at