stereotypical logo designs

The “arch” logo design

Many times, a client will see a logo and ask that we design one exactly like it for them. We try to steer our clients towards original, fresh design, so this will be our first warning sign about a potentially problematic client. It works out best when clients give us design inspiration (rather than a template to copy exactly) because we can get a sense of their design taste, and get them a logo they love sooner. Exact imitation is not design, it’s photocopying.

Other times, a designer will simply change the name or initials and work the same idea into the next design concept. It’s easy to keep 5-10 design layout templates, and just switch out the name. It happens when the designer has to shovel out as much work in a short time as possible in order to make his time profitable. This is unfortunate, and it happens more at the contest driven, lowly paid logo design sites that have no art direction.  These sites are easy to spot, as they offer way too many logo concepts for a ridiculously low price, as opposed to professional logo design houses, who do their research and ensure the originality of the design.

Anyhow, someone finally compiled a huge info graphic showing the many overused logo design concepts floating around out there.  You can use this handy guide to steer you away from the overused and over-rated.  Trust the durability of your custom business logo design to the professionals.  We sure would not want to be any of these companies, and then find out several other businesses use the same logo concept.

We can tell you as logo designers we have seen them all, and logo designs like them many times over the years. We will always steer our clients to a more original path, no matter what their instructions are.

This is because we don’t want our work to end up on sites like these.

We are proud of our work and our designers.  We offer a free new logo design if your logo is found to be too similar to anything out there, as part of our satisfaction guarantee. We also part ways with designers that plagiarize or otherwise who that their hearts are just not into  producing quality, original design.


Garamond font example

Garamond is cheaper to print than other fonts.

A clever high school student has figured out a way for any organization to save big money on printer ink, which is quite expensive these days.  Suvir Mirchandani, a 14 year old boy from Pittsburgh, PA figured out that the most common letters printed are r, a, e, o and t, and the font with the least print area for these letters is Garamond.

CNN originally reported this young man’s discovery, and while it might seem trivial, in this age of cost cutting at any corner possible, he is onto one more thing to free up needed capital in the information age.

In the world of typefaces and fonts, design and utility go hand in hand in far more ways than this one.  Talk to the professionals at and make sure your logo design is going to be cost effective to print, embroider, and reproduce at all sizes.












Cover the top Pandora Logo only…then cover the bottom one…you are correct – the top is the Pandora logo as it exists in the corporate style guide ….. and the bottom one is the Pandora logo after we got our hands on it and spaced it correctly! In the style guide all sorts of specs are given – but oddly custom kerning, a foundation of logo design – letter spacing… is totally neglected. We even tested the font, and yes – that is EXACTLY as the computer types it out, no customization whatsoever!

Aside from basic letter spacing…HOW DID WE MAGICALLY GET THOSE “A”s CLOSER? We shortened the bottom serif by a point or two and brought them in closer! Basic letter spacing still cannot be perfectly extrapolated for the HUMAN EYE. It is things like this that free logo design, cheap logo design and contest logo design will never have the time for, but trust us your business logo is worth it.