starbucks-logo-changes“Simplify, simplify, simplify,” said Thoreau, and turns out he was darn right.  As this Starbucks design progression shows, over time their logo has become simpler.  This is the general trajectory for a company logo design over time, as the company matures and becomes more confident in it’s brand.  This simplification process of bringing a previous illustration into a more iconic form, although nothing new, has become even more acute in recent years as companies compete for fast loading times on mobile devices.

TIME magazine has just done a slideshow of the 10 most notable logo redesigns of 2015; the thing we see in common is in no case did they become more complex.  Each time the logo becomes more simple, more streamlined with fewer edges to take up less memory and time to load.  More and more often, it takes a talented designer to preserve the meaning and personality of a brand with just a few simple lines.

We here at Business Logos have also embraced simplicity with our upcoming redesign, which we have pre-released on our Facebook and LinkedIN pages.  Look for our new look to hit our website in the coming couple of weeks!

Hit us up for a redesign of your dated logo as well, we are always good for it.  In fact if you say “Thoreau was right” in your inquiry we will give you 20% off a logo redesign.  We are even up on the colors of the year, from Pantone, and everything else you need to create a stunning logo for your company.

Garamond font example

Garamond is cheaper to print than other fonts.

A clever high school student has figured out a way for any organization to save big money on printer ink, which is quite expensive these days.  Suvir Mirchandani, a 14 year old boy from Pittsburgh, PA figured out that the most common letters printed are r, a, e, o and t, and the font with the least print area for these letters is Garamond.

CNN originally reported this young man’s discovery, and while it might seem trivial, in this age of cost cutting at any corner possible, he is onto one more thing to free up needed capital in the information age.

In the world of typefaces and fonts, design and utility go hand in hand in far more ways than this one.  Talk to the professionals at and make sure your logo design is going to be cost effective to print, embroider, and reproduce at all sizes.

At, we do much more than the initial logo for our clients.  We can further design your website, stationery and all other business forms to make you look professional and stand out.  Research proves that clients are more apt to pay promptly if your business looks professional.  Look top notch – and you will be treated top-notch.  Here is an invoice we recently did for KOI Castle in Indonesia.