plagiarized logos designed Uh-Oh!  It looks like someone went with a logo design company that doesn’t guarantee their work as original.  This example of likely plagiarism was accidentally found while doing research by typing “construction logo” into Google.

At BusinessLogos, we guarantee all our design work to be original, and copyright-worthy.  You do not have to worry about a similar logo chewing a piece out of your hard-earned brand.  Don’t short your own company by chasing the lowest price out there on logo design.  Most of those companies are using outsourced designers in India and the like, and the results are spotty at best.

As a business owner, you know that your brand is important.  You can trust it to our North American design team.  Our work is guaranteed, if you ever find a similar logo out there, which you won’t; we will re-design it, for free.  Give us a try, you won’t regret it!


bear logo UNC

UNC’s new logo design

The University of Northern Colorado just redesigned their logo and posted it last Friday.  Those familiar with the old logo and the growing campus, know the redesign was well overdue.  The old logo can be seen on  The idea was a less ferocious, but more serious bear.  This tight design puts UNC’s branding on the same level as big, expensive universities such as Duke and the University of Connecticut.  The thing we really liked about this design is a custom font was used.  A slab serifed font was developed and named “Greeley” after the town of Greeley, where UNC is located.  Nothing is more powerful than when a logo design has a font that is totally unique.


logo design for battle of britain

Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Logo Design.

Coming up this 12th of July, the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain will be held in England.  Along with the events, the commemoration has this nice logo design.  We might say some of the elements are too small for a business card but in this case the logo is more of a poster sized element, rather than a traditional logo design.  To make sure all considerations are taken beforehand when designing your company logo give BusinessLogos a look .


The first Nokia building was near a salmon stream.


It is always interesting to see the evolution of well known companies logo designs over time and market conditions.  Take a look here at Business Insider for a look at great historical logo examples for Nokia, IBM, and other well known companies in the tech industry.  If your company needs a great first logo design, or the current logo needs improvement go to BusinessLogos Inc.

New AK-47 AK-74 logo designThis has to be one of the finer examples of logo design coming out lately… Kalashnikov manufactures the famous Russian AK-47 automatic rifle – perhaps the most ubiquitous rifle in the world and the only rifle to be featured on a national flag. (Mozambique)

The iconic banana clip of the AK-47 worked seamlessly into the “K” monogram leaves us with nothing much to say, other than; we couldn’t have done it better ourselves.  We won’t second guess this new logo as we see it as a great design both visually and conceptually.

Here are a few pieces from Kalshnikov’s new advertising:

ak-47 logo design newKalashnikov logo ad



World Cup Logo Design

2014 FIFA World Cup Logo

There has been some uproar over the content of the 2014 FIFA World Cup logo design.  The logo icon is made up of multiple clasped hands.  When one plays the game of soccer (or futbol, as they say) one always remembers the paramount rule of “NO HANDS”.  You can do almost anything, as long as you do not use your hands.

In developing the logo design, the usual reasons of inclusiveness, welcome and togetherness were given for the use of hands.  We see no problem with incorporating a theme into an icon design, but picking an opposing symbol to what the subject is about does seem questionable.

The other thing we would say about this World Cup logo design is that it relies on many gradients, making it cost double or more to print on anything.  On a lower end press, it will hard to maintain consistency. Our advice would be to make it all flat colors. A luminous, jungle feel could still be easy enough to achieve, and it could even be stamped in huge numbers at little cost.  In it’s current form, embroidering would be close to impossible.

We hope they have a flat version of it for certain uses; hopefully it does not lose too much when seen at a small size as well.  To make sure all of the necessary considerations are taken into account from the outset, get a professional business logo designed for your company. Don’t trust just anyone to take care of your own company image.