Apple devices will charge through …the LOGO!

apples logog might charge the i phone tooA promotional video, and a flurry of patent applications recently filed by Apple shows some of the devices will be equipped with wireless charging through the logo!  Since we are always harping about the functionality of a logo, of course we just love this idea, since it reinforces the brand visually every time the device is charged.  Forbes has more here.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Logo SCRAPPED amid plagiarism concerns!

After many meeting and allegations of non-originality, as NBC has just reported; the 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo has indeed just been scrapped.  More coverage here at Yahoo News.

Logo Tokyo Olympic Scrapped

The designer defends the design concept as original.

The issue is a logo made by Belgian designer Olivier Debie for the Theatre de Liege, shown below.

Belgium Logo Tokyo Olympipc Logo copied

The two logo designs in side by side comparison.

Of course this could have been an innocent similarity, the shapes are certainly simple enough to come up with when playing around with a compass and the letter T.  Unfortunately in terms of copyright, it doesn’t matter; the logos are too similar and can be legally seen as infringing.

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We liked many of the logos presented for the 2020 Olympic Games, a couple of which are shown below.

tokyo logo designalternat design for tokyo logo olympics

Wow – Take a look. Go with a reputable logo design company so YOU don’t get ripped off!

plagiarized logos designed Uh-Oh!  It looks like someone went with a logo design company that doesn’t guarantee their work as original.  This example of likely plagiarism was accidentally found while doing research by typing “construction logo” into Google.

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