Gioia means Joy in Italian!

We bend over backwards to make your custom logo perfect, guaranteed.  Your entire brand identity is based off the logo in terms of color, look, and feel.  Proper logo design is the keystone of your company… so trusting it to an automated logo maker or “free” logo maker is iffy at best.  Our latest dessert related logo design is so friendly we just can’t stand it.  This new gelato and sorbet company made full use of our unlimited revision policy until the color, typeface and icon were just perfect for them.  We love a client that comes with a clear vision yet is open to our expert designers ideas. 

A quick google search for “Gelato Logos” yields the following screenshot… which shows the sub-par level of design you will receive if you engage with the other companies, the contests, and the free logo maker gimmicks which use non-copyrightable icon banks.  Anyone could end up with your same logo image!

Avoid an “appalling and terrible” logo design, as reported in the BBC!  Click “Start my logo” on our homepage, and get agency level, custom logo design for your company today.

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Don't want to go through the custom design process but still want a unique and copyright ready logo design? We have you covered with our ready-made logo icons. Just find a suitable one, and we can customize it with your company name.