Netflix develops a new logo icon.

netflix-new-logoAs reported by Business Insider, and many other news outlets this week, Netflix has released this new logo icon.  But Netflix already has a logo design right?  Yes and no.  As with many of the companies we deal with at BusinessLogos, Netflix needed a recognizable icon to use in the app, and square media profile areas.

We applaud this new icon, as it keeps the curved bottom, just like the full logo, hearkening to the curtains drawing in a classic theater.  It used to be that logos always fit well on everything from website headers to letterhead and business cards in a horizontal format.  Now, the square aspect found in so many of the newer applications must be accounted for from the get go, so the logo does not have to be redesigned prematurely.  Visit us to keep your company logo ahead of all the trends, and get a timeless classic from the beginning.

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