HOW many revisions did we do for Harmony Young?

We developed this clean, friendly and slightly whimsical design that appeals to both adults and children for Harmony Young Ambassadors.  We give deep discounts to charitable organizations like Harmony Young Ambassadors; which helps impoverished youth in the Los Angeles CA area.  FInd them on Facebook at


The original concepts seen below are what we originally gave Harmony Young, as they didn’t know exactly what they wanted and requested “something to do with hands, or a magic bus,” and wanted all the concepts in black to concentrate on the form, incorporating color later.  Scroll down to see which one they picked and how it was revised.

Harmony Young original compositions

They did not want any of the fonts initially shown, but did decide to go with the hands concept after seeing the initial concepts, and to bring in colors children and adults would like, on t-shirts and other items.  Here we see a new whimsical font added and fresh color incorporated into different hand based layouts.

second round revisions harmony young designsAfter this, they were more excited, and still wanted to try a hand print icon to compare with the current hand design, more fonts, and as well colors.

step three logo designs harmonyThe next request was just to see the three handed version in a few different variations, and to try any other “fun” fonts that might go with the hands icons, as well as a last look at more fonts.

step 4 in new logo design for harmony youngAha – and we have a winner – they think!  The swooshy font ended up being just the feel desired, but going back to the straighter hands.

last step logo designTry getting this kind of treatment at the online discount logo companies, or contact us for the real white glove treatment!  Logos designed in the USA.



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