“The Redskins” and “The Mighty Arabs”… Logo design controversies just keep piling on.


How the times change. This week, some iconic logos that have been with us a long time will be retired.  Just as everybody from the New York Post to Etsy is banning the “Redskins” logo and team name, even the U.S. Patent Office has withdrawn the trademarks for the Redskins(Read the full story here).  It’s safe to say, the name will probably change officially in the near future, and we hope the new logo design will be as visually nice as the current one.

Logo-Design-Coachella-Mighty-ArabsYes, you are seeing that right!  In other ethnically-related logo news, the Coachella Valley High School “Arabs” have updated the old logo of the sneering Arab, to a new version which has been cleared by local Arab American community.  The new name is “The Mighty Arabs.” The old mascot had been in use since the 1920’s!  The full story is here at NBC, as we won’t touch it with a ten foot pole, but we will say the new logo looks nice!

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