Google Finally Finished Their Logo Design!

Google Logo Design

Google's Logo Design

Here at Business Logos we are always harping, mostly to deaf ears, about “the last 10%” or those final tiny adjustments to a logo design that can make the difference between a clunky typed out word and a true logo design.  Perhaps the Google design team read our old post about these final adjustments that make a simple word look like a logo.

Here is a GIF that shows the slight move made last week to the Google logo.  It is minute, but it makes the logo more solid and professional.

The concern is the balance of the negative space between the letters, and this necessary adjustment comes because computers plunk down the letters with the spacial parameters defined by a mathematical algorithm.  This algorithm does it’s best but still cannot balance them like a trained human designer can.  The human is necessary because mathematical balance is not the same as visual balance.  Every letter form has jutting edges and wild protuberances that the computer does not take into account quite enough.  Occasionally parts of the letters must be shortened or lengthened by hand when they are butted up against each other for the proper design balance.

If one looks around at the logos out there; often even designers working for large well known companies still just type it out.  You will not find any of that non-attention to detail at Business Logos, as our designers are well versed in the minutia of logo design and our art directors look for this to be done before any design concepts are sent out to the client.  We do it right the first time.

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