New Yahoo Logo –

Now that Yahoo is no longer teasing everyone with the display of many options for the new logo design, we thought we might comment.  Of course the logo is influenced by the new CEO of Yahoo; Marissa Meyer, formerly of Google fame and the designer of their ultra simple web interfaces.

Naturally the logo has been simplified, which is generally a good thing – but does simplification mean less attention to the small details?  Should it mean sterilization?  Not necessarily, especially when this is one of America’ largest internet brands.  After all the logo iterations Yahoo presented; this one seems a little like their design company just got tired and gave up.

As we gaze at the logo, we notice it’s basically a stock font that has little to no graphic customization, other than the large and small letter forms composing the word like the original Yahoo logo design.  The three dimensional effect that has been applied generally will not be seen at the sizes the logo is normally viewed at.  This effect in the thin font generally weakens it.  The letters are also kerned haphazardly – a mistake we often observe when companies are shelling out thousands of dollars for a logo design.  When the overarching concept is focused on so much, the details are often overlooked and the logo comes off amateurish.

Take a look right now and check to see if your logo design is evenly spaced!  If not let us help.

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