Colorado’s new logo design cost $800,000 –

Colorado State Logo

The State of Colorado has just had a logo designed for itself, as the old “C” flag was found to be relatively unknown to outsiders.  A survey of Colorado residents reveals 74% of them do not like the new logo of their fair state, as reported by Bloomberg/Businessweek.  We will reserve judgement on the design until we sleep on it a few nights, as sometimes a good design takes a bit of time to soak in.  We do hope they got their money’s worth.

Colorado could have certainly gotten something similar from us for far less than $800,000… but price is not always a big factor for some clients.  One thing that is hopefully a priority for all clients is quality.  We feel confident we could have pleased the same percentage of Coloradans that this logo displeased, at least.  Icon design that no one can call “clip art” is an art form.

The logo is friendly and bold, no mistake to what it is, and the one color design is wonderful, yet there are time tested methods to making simple design appealing to the majority.  These methods may not easily explained, except in a case by case basis – but they involve a simple but very creative tweak that still fits into the very regular, clean look of a design like this.  Something small and simple, but creative, to give it an extra little oomph.


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