Fighting the Recession –

We all know the United States, and the world at large – has suffered the largest financial meltdown since the Great Depression.  BusinessLogos has been one of the incredibly lucky companies to start in the “most toxic time ever,” for new companies.  Indeed;  “About three out of four venture-backed firms fail to deliver projected returns, according to research by Harvard Business School lecturer Shikhar Ghosh.

This statistic refers to venture backed firms, and is simply used for backdrop as BusinessLogos and many other companies out there did not have the luxury of start up capital but had to advance immediately into the current “G-Zero” environment.

We can see this as the aftermath of the financial nuclear bomb that ripped through the economy and shook off the larger firms.  It is not as much that it is a “G-Zero” environment, but that we are at ground zero for growth again and much is up for grabs.  All over the place; it’s a whole new ball game – which is why tending to the custom logo and web design of any company – be it a start up or a company needing to re-brand itself, is an important part of re-deployment for the next business cycle.


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