Clients we love: Rocky Mountain Gun Club

Shad came to us wanting an “old West theme combined with a sportsman’s feel” for his logo. He is from Aaron’s home state of Colorado, and he loves guns, so we knew we’d have fun with this one.

We provided him with 10 concepts, and he and his crew couldn’t decide which they liked best. They wound up purchasing 8 of them! Here’s a few they chose.

Then we got to work on their stationery. Again, they couldn’t decide, so they’ll be using both designs we came up with.



We loved hearing from him, because he always had comments like “WOW, they are badass. They both look great!!!” and “You have made this an easy experience, choosing the designs was the hardest part of the whole deal.”

If it seems like we’re tooting our own horn, that’s because we most certainly are. Thanks, Shad, for the great experience on our end!

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