Spatial Relationships and Negative Space

Fig 1. is the BYU Radio logo, as it stands at  If was asked to make this logo professional we would tighten it as illustrated in figure 2.

The type is kerned properly, ie. the BYU is evenly spaced and the tail of the R does not impact the a in “Radio”.  The tagline is spaced in a little as now the tops of the letters in the tagline have more visual space in the interaction created with the U and R, and a few other places. This lets us run the tagline much closer to the main word without the space looking crowded, giving a unified rather than a disjointed effect.

The last item are the radio waves; as it stands there are only two and they crash into the dot on the “i”.  Notice by using three marks and by subtle play with the negative space, the waves appear alive and vital, rather than cold, two dimensional and dead.  A tilt to the waves allows them not to clumsily hit the main typeface while giving more life to the logo itself.

At you receive attention to detail in your logo.

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